SoundCloud Fan Insights Joint Controller Addendum

SoundCloud Global Limited & Co. KG (“SoundCloud”) provides statistics and insights to any person, group or entity having access to or managing an artist profile on the Platform (“Artist Profile Owner” or “You”, “Your”) about how fans interact with their Tracks on the Platform to make Artist Profile Owners better understand their fanbase ("Fan Insights"). The Fan Insights are provided by SoundCloud Global Limited & Co. KG (“SoundCloud”). The underlying data is collected, used and shared as outlined in the SoundCloud Privacy Policy.

Where an interaction of fans with Your Tracks on the Platform leads to the processing of a data subjects’ (“Fans”) personal data for Your Fan Insights, the means and purposes of the processing are determined jointly with SoundCloud.

Capitalized terms used in this SoundCloud Insights for Fan Insights Joint Controller Addendum (hereinafter “Addendum”), but not specifically defined in here, shall have the meanings given to the applicable capitalized terms in the SoundCloud Terms of Use and/or SoundCloud Privacy Policy.

By using SoundCloud’s Fan Insights, you acknowledge that the following provisions apply:


Allocation of Responsibilities

Obligations of the Artist Profile Owner


Updates to this Addendum


Last Amended: April 27th, 2022