Community Guidelines

We want SoundCloud to be a community where everyone feels empowered but also respected. It’s up to all of us to make that happen. This page includes important information about our rules and guidelines related to your use of SoundCloud. Please take the time to carefully read through this information; we take these guidelines seriously and expect you to do the same.

The examples in the below sections are for illustrative purposes and are not exhaustive. SoundCloud reserves the right to remove any content deemed to violate our Terms of Use at our discretion.

We have always set out to build a diverse, collaborative community where the rights of creators are respected.

You are responsible for all activity associated with your account, including all content that you post. If you post content that belongs to someone else (for example, if you are a distributor, promotional agency, manager, or radio plugger acting on behalf of an artist or label), or if you use someone else’s content in a remix or other similar work, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the permission of all relevant rightsholders in order to post that content to SoundCloud. Anyone uploading another person’s content without the necessary permissions is liable to have that content removed and/or their account terminated.

When reporting content for infringement, we consider reports abusive if you are not the rightsholder or an authorized agent thereof (like the rightsholder’s attorney or manager). Abusive reporting may result in your civil liability for damages incurred by SoundCloud (including costs and legal fees), the person whose content you report, or any copyright owner or authorized licensee as a result of content being removed. Additionally, you risk having your account frozen or, in some cases, terminated if we believe that you have abusively reported content. If you do not own the copyright in the content, please do not report it for infringement.

If you are unsure whether you can upload something, read our copyright information pages. If you feel that someone is infringing your copyright, tell us about it.

Enforcement guidelines

SoundCloud gives people from all over the world the power to share and connect through music and audio and is the only global community where you can connect one on one with fellow fans, the biggest names in music and emerging artists. While engaging with the community can be rewarding, it can also be a source of frustration and misunderstanding if the context of the content is not considered or understood or users don’t communicate and interact in a respectful way.

As a general rule we’re unable to prescreen or proactively search for many kinds of content, but we aim to be fair in deciding what content is permitted on SoundCloud. While complaints and inquiries must be evaluated and addressed on a case-by-case basis, we aim to apply a uniform set of standards to every user. When determining whether to remove content, we ask ourselves a number of questions, such as:

When you see content that upsets or shocks you, step back and consider the above in addition to the possible context and intention of the person sharing the content. If you’re unsure of a user’s intentions, feel free to engage with them in a calm and level-headed manner. The comments section on SoundCloud provides a unique environment for people to engage in a conversation around the content. Alternatively, you could message the user privately to share any concerns.

Of course, it’s always possible to block or ignore a user as a means to no longer see unwanted content on SoundCloud, and sometimes this is the best or only way to resolve these issues.

Please consider the above and review the relevant section of our Community Guidelines below before reporting content to our Trust and Safety Team. This will both align your expectations with our policy and allow our team to focus on removing content that truly doesn’t have a place on SoundCloud.


Criticism should always focus on the content, and not on the individual who created it. We do not want criticism of the personal character of the creator, only the criticism of their content. Please share your opinion with others, but do so in a constructive way. Before posting feedback, always ask yourself whether you would appreciate receiving the same feedback. If not, don’t post it.

Do this:

Don't do this:


We have zero tolerance for abusive or threatening behavior within the community and on the platform. We consider abuse to be any activity where the intent or likely result is to attack or demean someone else. This includes but is not limited to content aimed at sexualizing or degrading other users. Anyone found to be engaging in this type of activity risks the immediate, permanent termination of their account.

Do this:

Don't do this:


We define harassment as the unwanted, continued pursuit of contact with an individual who has indicated they do not wish to be in contact with another individual. The difference between abuse and harassment is that harassment is typically conducted over a sustained period of time, whereas abuse may be a one-off event. Therefore, if an individual is sending repeated unwanted messages or comments to another user, they risk the immediate, permanent termination of their account.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Unauthorized recording or publishing of private information

We do not allow the sharing of personal details of another person (or entity), without their permission. This includes recordings of private conversations, full names, photographs, unlisted phone numbers, and home or email addresses.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Impersonation & misleading metadata

As a platform built with creator needs in mind, we welcome the use of stage names or professional identities on SoundCloud. However, you cannot impersonate another person or post content that is intentionally misleading.

This means that you must not create profiles or post content that is intended to make people think you are someone else. You must not use someone else’s name or trademark without their permission, or pretend to be associated with someone you aren’t, even if you feel that you are helping that person by doing so. This applies to everyone from the most popular creators to casual users on SoundCloud.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Pornographic Content

We do not allow any content that is predominantly sexual in nature or that could be perceived as an aid to sexual gratification. This includes, but is not limited to, images containing nudity and recordings or detailed descriptions of sexual acts, or links to pornographic sites.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Violence and threatening behavior

We do not allow any use of intimidation or threats of violence between our users, against the wider public or against SoundCloud employees. Likewise, we don’t permit any incitement to, or glorification of, violent acts either against an individual or the wider public. Additionally, the use of excessive gore in regards to both imagery or language is not permitted.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Hate speech

SoundCloud allows for the presentation of individual beliefs and opinions. We do not, however, allow content that promotes or encourages hatred, discrimination or violence against others based on race, cultural identity or ethnic background, religious beliefs, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We will use our discretion when necessary to determine if beliefs or opinions incite hatred.

Please keep in mind that applicable laws state that Nazi and ISIS content is illegal, and will be removed without discussion, unless clearly used for educational or journalistic purposes.

Do this:

Don't do this:


We understand that SoundCloud is a popular platform to host podcasts, and we welcome those who chose to use our platform for that reason. We invite the discussion and expression of our users opinions on almost all given topics. With that being said, we reserve the right to decide when those discussions, expressions and opinions are aimed at harming a group of individuals, or when they cross over into hate speech, abuse or misinformation. In these instances, users risk deletion of certain episodes or suspension of their account. We also do not allow podcasts associated with any illegal or hate groups, even when the content itself does not violate our Terms of Use.

Do this:

Don't do this:


As a platform that promotes freedom of speech and connects millions of people, we feel we have a responsibility to take a clear stance on the issue of misinformation. Although not a new concept, the digital age has made it easier than ever to spread information almost anywhere in the world.

We understand that in today’s day and age many people rely on the internet and social platforms as their main news source. Therefore, in order to maintain the trust and safety of our community, the use of false, fabricated or manipulated information is something we do not condone, especially when presented as fact and when posing a potential threat or allowing for long term harm to the wellbeing of both our user base and society at large. This type of information can take many forms, but is often uploaded with the aim of affecting political discourse.

Furthermore, we feel we must be explicit in stating we do not under any circumstances allow the posting or sharing of harmful ideologies that misinform the public, such as those that deny the occurrence of violent events, or those that target an individual or protected group by inciting fear, hate or prejudice.

Any user whose content may be deemed in violation of our Terms of Use may be subject to the immediate, permanent termination of their account. We encourage you to ensure the accuracy of your content, as each user is responsible for what they upload.

With that all being said, we do encourage you to offer and discuss your opinion with others should it be very clearly presented as such and kept in line with the rest of our Community Guidelines.

Do this:

Don't do this:

Spammy behavior and self promotion

SoundCloud aims to help creators to connect directly with their fans and build their audience. We understand that promoting your work is important, and we encourage you to seek out fans and other like-minded individuals. In our experience, the most successful forms of promotion are built upon meaningful interactions between creators and their audience.

However, there is a fine line between developing these connections and over-sharing with members of the community. To help encourage a two-way relationship between creators and fans, we have technical restrictions in place to limit activity that goes against this principle. Further, we aim for SoundCloud to be a spam-free zone. To support this effort, we have policies in place that prohibit both spammy activity and the use of related services that violate our Terms of Use.

Specifically, it is not possible to:

Do this:

Don't do this:

Reporting violations

We aim to create and foster a community where our users’ behavior is in line with these guidelines and where individuals hold each other accountable for their use of the platform. When this fails, we also have various measures in place to help us keep track of certain kinds of content that violate our Terms of Use.

As a general rule we’re unable to prescreen or proactively search for many kinds of content. As such, it’s possible you might come across content that you don’t wish to see. In these cases, please ignore such content and block those who share it to avoid it in the future.

That said, if you encounter any content that clearly violates these guidelines or our Terms of Use or is otherwise illegal – including impersonation, abusive or threatening behavior, pornography or malicious speech – please report this.

Our Trust and Safety Team will review all reports objectively, and remove any content that violates our Terms of Use, these guidelines or applicable law. To report content please do so using the appropriate Help Form from our Help Center.

Please bear in mind that something you find unacceptable, may not be a violation of our Terms of Use or illegal. We try to maintain a fair and balanced approach, but reporting content will not always result in that content being removed if it does not violate our guidelines, Terms of Use or applicable law.

Termination of accounts

If we believe that your activity violates these guidelines, our Terms of Use, any other associated policies, or applicable law, we will send you a written warning to the email associated with the account. If we send you more than two of these warnings, we may suspend or terminate your account in our discretion.

In certain cases, such as when we deem your account to be dedicated to the violating activity, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately, without prior warning, in our discretion.

Last Amended: April 27, 2021